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LoyaltyMatch OnDemand APIs And Widgets


What you need to know

LoyaltyMatch OnDemand is a cloud-based loyalty management and gamification platform with social loyalty engagement. LoyaltyMatch makes it easy for brands to increase user loyalty and engagement holistically across social, web, mobile, instore, and machine experiences. LoyaltyMatch’s OnDemand APIs are a means for connecting our software with services that span the physical and virtual world. They serve as an intellectual vehicle to connect anything to make new things. LoyaltyMatch OnDemand APIs transforms isolated silos of data into connected programmable nodes. LoyaltyMatch OnDemand widget’s provide an interface, that enables a user to perform a function or access a service embedded into a website or mobile application.

How LoyaltyMatch OnDemand APIs Can Help You Connect

Simple, Easy To Use

Using LoyaltyMatch OnDemand’s game and loyalty mechanics brands can reward users for real-time actions while driving user behaviour, achieving specific business goals, and measuring and optimizing user engagement. Combined with Social Loyalty they offer the fastest path to the development and delivery of loyalty and engagement initiatives and have revolutionized the way businesses manage customer value. LoyaltyMatch OnDemand Integrates with legacy loyalty programs or IT systems and can also be deployed on a standalone basis. Our clients include Clarins, Legends Resorts, The Man Shop, and many others. The LoyaltyMatch OnDemand APIs allow access to your OnDemand SaaS service from your web site, mobile application, ecommerce site, or even a vending machine. If its web enabled we can connect you to access all of LoyaltyMatch OnDemand's interfaces and objects. The LoyaltyMatch OnDemand API provides you with a powerful, simple, and convenient interface for interacting with OnDemand. Its advantages include ease of integration and development, and it is an excellent choice of technology for use with mobile applications and Web 2.0 projects.

RESTful in Everyway
The REST APIs are designed to be easily accessible from any programming language – once you understand the basic concepts of the APIs, you will be able to apply them to Java, PHP, Ruby, .NET, or any other environment.

Json or XML: You Decide
The LoyaltyMatch OnDemand APIs support multiple representations. The return formats available are xml and json.

LoyaltyMatch OnDemand APIs

How LoyaltyMatch OnDemand Widgets Can Help You Connect

Easy Integration
The LoyaltyMatch OnDemand Widgets are designed to integrate into your existing website. Quick and easy to install in minutes. Just copy and paste the code snippet into your site’s template where you would like the widget to appear.

Customizable Theming
The LoyaltyMatch Widgets utilize the jQuery and jQueryUI javascript libraries. Widget themes can be customized by your team or by us to match your brands color's.

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